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Hey guys! If any of u of like the Sonic series or Furries for that matter one of my pals, ThatWeirdFennec, is in need of emergency commissions so if u would like to commission them please do so! U can find their commission info here! I'd commision them myself to help out but sadly I don't have a lot/enough points to do so at the moment but perhaps one of u can so go go go help out if u can! 
okay guys, 
i can accept almost all kind of commission 
I can draw all kind of position, all kind of species, etc...
what i do :
sonic characters (oc or not)
NSFW (if the position is not too hard to do)
what i dont do : 

humans feet (i only do paws !)
other artist styles (i wont be able to do it, and this is not right)
some other things that i may say if you ask me in PM
(even if you can't commission me, just sharing could really help me, thanks Happy Sonic Emoticon )
sketch full body
8$ or 800Points  (x2  by additionnal character)

<strong align="center">
Also while I'm at it there are some Reka questions I've been meaning to answer. I'd go ahead and draw them out but I just don't have time right now. I'll make sure to post a proper Q & A section for my characters via art pic in the future though so without further ado time to answer some questions!
ferricherry1 asked "Reka what's your favorite food?"
Answer: "Easy Salmon but I also really enjoy ice cream."
Vaas18 asked "Reka would u do anything dark (like how Sonic goes in the dark Sonic from) to save the ones u love?"
Answer: "That's tough to say because I wouldn't do anything dark even if my loved ones were involved so I would just find another way to save them if I could."
Jblask asked "Reka,what's your darkest fear? What would hurt you so bad you're scared u might never recover?"
Answer: "I actually don't know. I don't have any fears like that, that would drive me to the point of being scared that I might never recover so yeah. Thanks for asking though! :) "
Ok peeps! Since I'm in the mood for a Q&A, I'm going to let u guys ask one of my OC'S here a question! Just comment down below if u have a question for them and I'll answer it in some way as soon as possible! :)

Attention everyone!
The Sonic Adopts are now free!

It's first come first serve people and u must use them in some way!
There is only 1 left so hurry!
I repeat! Only one left!…
I'm hosting a raffle if anybody would like to join!
The original deviation has been deleted
I finally did it! I finally beat the Sinnoh Elite Four and Champion! I not only finished the game but I can now use the Poke Radar to Shiny Hunt! Yes!

Pokemon used

Firelight the Infernape- Female, Level 50, Modest Nature,Often lost in thought,likes dry food, Moves: Rock Smash,Close Combat,Flame Wheel,Aerial Ace

Granite the Garchomp-Female, Level 56, Rash & Scatters things often, likes dry food,Moves: Dragon Claw,Dragon Rush,Dig,Rock Climb

Sparx the Luxray-Male,Level 46,Hasty & Scatters things often,Likes Sweet food, Moves: Spark,Strength,Crunch,Thunder Fang

Cobalt the Lucario- Male,Level 47,Gentle & Finicky, Likes bitter food, Moves:Force Palm,Shadow Claw,Aura Sphere,Dragon Pulse

Flora the Floatzel-Female, level 48, Quirky & likes to relax, happily eats anything, Moves:Surf,Crunch,Waterfall,Aqua Jet

Pieces the Starraptor-Male, level 49, Sassy and often dozes off,likes bitter food,Moves: Brave Bird,Steel Wing,Fly,Defog

Filename by BluBoltra

Ok folks! It's the moment you've all been waiting for! The winner of my very first watcher contest! 

Blu's 94 watchers Contest! (ClOSED!)Edit: Contest is now officially closed! Thanks to all who participated and for those who didn't get their entries in on time I wish u better luck next time! I will announce the winners in the next few day's so stay tuned! :)
Hello my fellow Deviants and watchers! This contest originally started out as a 50 watchers celebration but since it's still going on until May 9th I decided to change the title to my current list of watchers. This contest is to celebrate all the watchers I've gotten over the past few months from having a DA and since this is my first one I've decided to make it a simple draw my OC Contest. 
Who to draw
Delta Sky
Drawn as:Her regular human self or her Feathered Raptor form
Drawn with: One of her crewmate Andy or Typhoon. Can also be drawn/interacting with any

Before I get one with who the winner is I just wanted to take a moment and say thank u to all who participated and tell the ones who didn't win just what I adored about their piece since I loved all of them but sadly I could only pic one due to how many peeps who entered. So without further ado onto the honorable mentions! 

                             First up we have HopefulDragon with their entry of my Derg Frosthearth 

FrostHearth Contest Entry by HopefulDragon 

For your piece the best part I enjoyed about  it was the background and the little moon things surrounding him. I also love how u drew his wings and the position that they're in as well as the shading u used. 

Next up we have YukiTakashi With their entry of my SOC Reka

Reka by YukiTakashi 

I gotta say that I was really impressed by the style u used as well the scale brush u used for her name. Overly I really admire how classic Reka looks and to be honest the style reminds me of the style used for Sonic CD. The only thing I thought was a bit out of place were the red claws u added to her but it doesn't take to much away from the drawing itself so overall great job on this! 

Next we have another entry of Reka done by one of pals here on DA Jblask 

Reka by Jblask 

Bud before I get into what I liked about your entry I just wanted to inform u that your artwork was one of the 2 I liked out of all the entries however the winner had something that I liked more than this one but don't feel blue because I still think u did a fantastic job with this and here's why. For the most part I think Reka stands out really well from this pic both from the bright colors and the pose. I really enjoyed how u did your own take of the Sonic style and made her even more dragon like especially with her wings,snout and claws. As far as Yacker goes I like how small u made him look in comparison to Reka as well as how u drew his antennae so again fantastic work! 

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for the winner of the contest is kyogia2864 

Reka by kyogia2864 

Kyogia the reason I choose u as the winner is because I was really ecstatic as well as enjoyed how you made your entire into a scene,something I would like to see from more of my characters. The tints and shadings are very simple,love the pose and expressions,and finally I think the background and Eggman      symbols look very accurate to how Eggman's base would look. So anywho with that please note me about      the details of your prize when you're ready.  

And that's it! There's the conclusion to my very first contest! I hoped everyone enjoyed & I'll see ya in the next contest of mine which probably won't be for a while XD!


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Hi! I'm BB! An artist and animator in training! Hope we can all get along and that u like my art!
Send me fan art if u wish! Avatar Icon was made by the amazing :iconpandesalvado: !
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